How to Create your own Online Store and Sell Online – Shopify and Magento


Creating your own Web Store:

Alot of people today have great products they want to sell online. There are many options available to start selling and making some income. The most obvious and simple way is to get your product listed on Amazon. However, there are some drawbacks. Selling on Amazon usually means that you will have to pay fees, which come out your pocket. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just make your own store and keep most of the profit in your pocket?

When it comes to getting an online store setup and running, you have several options. Most of the time the number 1 solution on people’s mind is Shopify. What exactly is Shopify?

Shopify is basically an online eCommerce store in a box ready to go. Essentially you sign up for a monthly plan and they pretty much give you everything you need to get up and running. The entire inventory system, payment gateway is all ready to go the minute you sign up. Because most of the work is already done for your website, your development cost are much lower. You can hire someone to simply design the layout and look of the store for branding purposes. You also receive very good support from Shopify customer service in case you need help Another advantage of Shopfiy is that there are a tons of plugins that you can use to enhance the customer experience. Plugins to handle returns, promo codes, survey’s and the list goes on. The nice thing about these plugins is that they are very easy to use. Users who are not that techsavy can get going right away. Having a live chat option on your website also leads to sales. Anytime a user visits your site, they can initiate a chat with you and you can try and pitch them a product. Most of the paid chat programs now offer automatic Chat initiation and can tell if a user is returning or new.

The only downside to using Shopify is the fact that you have to pay a monthly fee and your limited to the amount of customization you can do to your site. You basically have to work within the limitations and boundaries of the Shopify platform. However there are many succesful businesses that are currently running on the Shopify platform making very good sales and revenue, so the platform does work very well. Sometimes it’s good idea to get help from a Shopify expert or company such as Toronto based Code Maximus They can assist you with setting everything up and designing the site to fit your needs.

When you start off, you probably need help in getting your inventory uploaded and displayed properly and to keep track of who’s visiting your site. Another option is to have someone build your entire eCommerce store from the ground up. The huge advantage of doing it this way is you pretty much own your site and have far greater control on how to customize it.

One of the popular platforms out there is Magento. Many successful eCommerce stores use Magento to sell their products online. Magento also has third party plugins to get enhance every aspect of your eCommerce site. However, the budget to getting a Magento site up and running cost a bit more when you start initially but there are no monthly fees. Once its all said and done you can let it run on its own. You may need to hire someone to just make sure the site is up to date and can be patched so there are no security vulnerabilities. A Magento expert can help you create your store and make sure its running efficiently. The newest and latest version of Magento is Magento 2.0.

No matter which platform you choose, having your own online business is great way to generate income. Once the store is up and running you can then market your products using Google ADS and SEO. This will ensure that people find your products and store when they are searching for a particular product or item. Once all is said and done you can let your store run and watch the sales come in.

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