Benefits of AWS AWS is really the future of IT and Infrastructure. This really is a huge game changer for the way traditional IT has been run. In the past when you needed a server, sometimes you would have to wait weeks or months to go through all the red tape and paper work to get it all setup, patched, racked and ready to go. Imagine now for a second within a few clicks your server is ready to go with all your Operating System, patches, storage and the best part, you saved alot of money! As I mentioned earlier this is a game changer. AWS makes setting up environments so easy, that pretty much anyone can do it. No longer do you need expensive servers or hardware in your office taking up space. Everything is in the cloud secure and safe and cheaper than whatever you were paying for before. The amount of things you can do on AWS is mind boggling. All small to medium business should consider making the switch. This is a guranteed way to save money for your business. Not only that but it will make your life much easier. With a few clicks you can customize whatever server or service you want up and going. Right down to Memory, CPU, RAM and even storage. The storage options alone are amazing. You can pick some really fast optimized SSD’s if your application requires more speed. The other good thing about AWS is that they offer a variety of packages for your needs in terms of cost. You can pick servers that charge you on demand and pay by the hour or get reserved packages. The S3 storage offering allows you to store files of almost any types and implement security so you can share with whoever you like around the world. The S3 storage is safe and even allows for encryption of the data. These files can be automatically replicated to other storage buckests in different regions. Other disk solutions include long time archival storage for data that is barely accessed but needs to be stored for legal reasons. This offering is from their Glacier Disk system. The way traditional IT shops have been operating in my opinion is about to change. Gone will be the days of expensive servers and storage systems with expensive maintenance contracts. Cloud business is booming. Microsoft Azure and Office 365 is also a serious competitor right now and things will continue to grow with more demand for these services. about