PHP Frameworks – Like other programming languages for web application development, PHP was designed mainly as a server-side scripting language. Now days the latest version of PHP comes with many new features and enhancements to simplify development of modern web applications. To execute PHP code in two distinct ways the web developers still have options. Developer can embed PHP code into HTML code or with various web frameworks combine PHP code or content management systems in Ontario, Vaughan, Toronto, Canada. To boost the application’s functionality many developers take benefit of PHP frameworks and performance without writing additional codes. Various PHP frameworks provide resources which further make it easier for developers to fulfill common tasks. Each developer must familiar with widely use PHP framework to choose right one for his project. PHP Frameworks And Web Applications Development in Toronto, Vaughan, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Canada

Some Overview of 5 Widely Used PHP Frameworks:–

Laravel :-

To add functionality to the web application without writing additional code  The prebuilt code-blocks provided by Laravel enable developers to do so. useful libraries authentication, session, RESTapis and middleware also provided by laravel as a varirty. By using Blade template engine  It further allows developers in Ontario, Vaughan, Toronto, Canada to generate views too.

CodeIgniter :-

due to its robust features CodeIgniter is hugely popular among programmers/developers. It allows developers to add php code inside framework. The developers can also use existing functions and enables developers to create custom helper functions to add functionality to the application. the programmer/developers can install and configure CodeIgniter without putting up extra time and effort.

Symfony :-

It is getting  manag to SensioLabs and supported by a large community. Symphony is designing as a set of development tools and methodology and  it does not require users to stay confined to its own environment. The developer also have an option to choose to choose from a variety of components provided by symphony. it make it easier for programmers to build and maintain websites without writing additional code.

Yii :- it’s a

micro-framework easy to use, and modern. according to needs of a project The developers/programmers also have option to extend it. it comes with built-in authentication, form input validation, powerful user management, and AJAX support. the security features included in yii which help developers/programmers to protect the web application from security threats.

Zend :-

it’s a object-oriented framework which is very popular among PHP developers in Ontario, Vaughan, Toronto, Canada. It allows users to use its several useful libraries and classes but developers are not tending to use it fully. Developers can choose the libraries and classes according to the particular needs of every project. Developers can take advantages of object oriented programming. Concepts to enhance or can say extend the custom classes provided by zend according to their particular needs.